About Us

Webinology is a small team of folks who have seen the world of websites from all directions.  We have designed and created websites using WordPress, designed browser-based applications using CakePHP, and hosted both our own and our clientssites.

Of those experiences, we have especially appreciated the often-unsung value of top-notch hosting.  Developers who are highly skilled in designing and building beautiful, functional websites often don’t have the time or interest to deal with the infrastructure behind them.  However, having a solid platform is important for presenting the site at its best.

We are determined to give other developers the kind of infrastructure that we want for ourselves.

Website developers need to focus on making the best sites possible for their clients. Let us handle the rest:

  • server security,
  • backups,
  • plugin updates, and
  • performance monitoring.


We’ll do all the housekeeping so you can concentrate on what you do best and enjoy the most.

Meet The Team

Webinology was founded by a team that once worked together in the service of the City of Chattanooga. We knew that someday we’d all seek new challenges. But we also knew that we wanted the team to stay together.

As employees of the City of Chattanooga, we built, deployed, and maintained a number of websites that you may know. We share this information as part of our collective resume; this group of people has been doing enterprise-level WordPress for much longer than we’ve been “Webinology”.

Please note: Webinology is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the City of Chattanooga.

See Our Work

Here are examples of websites that we have developed.  These are all hosted on our own cloud servers, taking advantage of their speed and dependability.

As a web developer, your sites can have these same advantages.  Contact us to learn more!