PHP and Variable Types

We’ve all heard that PHP is “weak” or “loosely” typed, meaning that it doesn’t require you to explicitly specify the type of a variable. This makes programming easier/quicker but it can bite back.

ORM vs. Direct SQL

ORM, or Object-Relational Mapping, is a technique for interacting with a relational database without directly writing SQL statements. Is that a handy shorthand that makes coding easier? Or just another layer that gets in the way? Let’s explore both possibilities.

Using Composer and Namespaces in PHP

Pretty much everyone who develops with PHP uses Composer, and if you’ve ever used a PHP framework, you’ve seen the namespaces at the tops of files. I knew how to use these things but I didn’t really understand them until I embarked on a few just-for-learning side projects that I started from scratch.

Developer/Client Partnership: How to Work Together

Creating and implementing a good software application that is both technically and functionally satisfactory is not an easy endeavor. Here are some potential points of frustration, and how each partner can help to smooth the way.

The hardest thing about software development

The problem with “When will you be done?” is that it assumes software development is something like manufacturing — a predictable set of steps that each take a known set of time. You design some code, you write some code, you test some code, you deploy some code, and you’re done. Unfortunately, software development is not a set of predictable steps.

What is WordPress Multisite, and How Can it Help Your Business?

“WordPress Multisite enables you to have one main site that uses all your plugins, themes, and administers to the other sites, yet each one has its own set of media folders separate and apart from the other sites. For instance, if your business has more than one location, each location can have its website off your public or private site. Think about a school system with one main page for the district, and each subsequent school has its website. KMDE can help you function smoother and faster with our managed hosting services of your WordPress Multisite.”

Did You Know 40% of All Higher Education Sites are WordPress Sites?

Link to Original Story: []Author: Stephanie Q. McGrathDue Date: February 18, 2021 A survey by eQAfy found that 40% of all Higher Education websites are WordPress: eQAfy surveyed 4,000 sites. National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS database provided statistics. The organizations analyzed data collected through eQAfy’s headless browser. WordPress sits at 40.8% of the market, with […]

Webinology’s Throwback Thursday Honors Women’s History Month and a Pioneer of Technology at NASA, Annie J. Easley

Only four African American employees were employed at the lab during a period of time in our society that was particularly unequitable, these Americans paved the way for other technicians and programmers to study STEM technologies. Over an impressive 34 years, Annie evolved with technology, easily adapting to work as a computer programmer, using the Formula Translating System (Fortran) and the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to support several programs NACA.

The Biden White House has decided to stay with WordPress for the White House Website Relaunch

“In 2017 the previous administration of the United States switched their from Drupal to WordPress, and although there are many exciting new tools and changes to the website, the Biden and Harris team chose to continue with one of the world’s leading website providers, WordPress. In an effort to become far more accessible to America’s growing multicultural population they have ensured that the site is adhering to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).”