Content is everything.

Given our line of work, you might imagine that we spend a lot of time thinking about what gets people to any given website.

Most of the time, it’s Google, and ways to get Google (or other search engines) to find your website generally get lumped into the term “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization).

Since the beginning of search engines, people like us have tried to find tricks to make the search engines favor what we produce. Even now, I’m sure there are tons of companies who will separate you from your hard-earned cash with the promise of “great SEO”.

SEO is slow.

It can take months for changes on your website to manifest in search results. This is especially good for companies that charge hundreds and even thousands per month to improve your SEO; they can spend a few hours making tweaks and then soak up those monthly fees while they wait to see if what they did had any effect.

I’m not saying that companies that try to improve your SEO are rip-offs, but what I do know from many years of experience is that it’s one of those “black art” technologies that tends to be – to maintain the analogy – “occult,” hidden… you can believe or not, but either way, you still don’t really know what they’re doing behind the curtain.

How Google sees it.

Imagine for a minute that you’re Google. You do a lot of things, but you got your start with a search engine and that’s how most of the world still sees you.

Every person who does a Google search is your customer. So what’s your goal? To give them what they were looking for, no matter which words they used in their search.

Google uses AI, and that’s great… I’m still sometimes fascinated by how well they know what I meant even when I wasn’t sure how to say it.

To serve their customer well, the sites that show up first in the list shouldn’t be sites with minimal content that just gamed the system. The top of the list should be quality sites with good content that matches what we were trying to find.

The secret to winning the SEO game.

It’s all about content. Google carefully guards the secrets of their search engine’s inner workings because if you can game the system, you thwart their efforts to deliver good content to search engine customers.

If you want to float to the top, put quality content on your website.

Thinking of many of our clients, I know how much they know about their respective fields. They all have it in them, but maybe they don’t think they have time, or maybe they’re just not writers.

We can help.

We do have writers, and while we don’t – and can’t – know what you know, we can help you get your thoughts across and help you fill up your site with meaningful content.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your website become a leader in your field!

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