Did You Know 40% of All Higher Education Sites are WordPress Sites?

Link to Original Story: [https://wptavern.com/new-report-estimates-wordpress-market-share-of-us-higher-education-institution-websites-at-40-8]
Author: Stephanie Q. McGrath
Due Date: February 18, 2021

A survey by eQAfy found that 40% of all Higher Education websites are WordPress:

Rankings Overall   

With 2-year public college institutions listed by the population of students shows WordPress comes in at #3. Yet, when looking at private for-profit higher education facilities, WordPress is a whopping 75% of the market. A huge boon for the website development company and you if you’re using WordPress for your site.

What’s this mean to you?

You can rest assured knowing that if large universities, colleges, and trade schools trust WordPress to secure their data, then so can you. In the past year, many institutions have moved to online environments and LMS systems in the wake of Covid-19. However, a higher education site needs to interface with its users, be they students, parents, or prospective attendees; a university or college’s website is their face to the world. As more students move to online courses, it becomes even more crucial that the platform be a secure and trusted one when dealing with sensitive student materials.

It is crucial that it functions as a learning environment through its content management system and protecting sensitive private data. It should be noted that the systems that have been examined are the main webpages for the universities and colleges and do not include other affiliate websites that may be offshoots of the main interfacing pages.

In Closing

The overall stats, across all institutional types, be they public, private, for-profit, or non-profit, two CMSs predominate the market: WordPress comes in at 40.8% of all institutions, followed by Drupal with just 19.1%. 

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