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How Webinology got its colours

Sometimes we plan at length and then our plans go awry. Other times, we just go with what feels right... and history is made.
The Colours of Us

We changed color schemes – and names – a couple of times en route to being who we are today. For quite a while now, though, our official colours have been what you see on our site today.

Webinology is based in the Chattanooga area of southeast Tennessee, and once upon a time, I went with a client to visit one of their clients in Birmingham, Alabama.

We had lunch at this little diner, which I took to be a hangout for local college students (though not at lunchtime!) and I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the place, since it came to be what it was for us.

I’m pretty decent at being a CEO and really good at being a nerd. Founding a company, however, means that either you find someone who’ll work cheap who knows the things you don’t, or you learn new things. Design is fascinating to me because of the psychology and marketing elements, and while there’s no way I’m gonna call myself a designer with a straight fact any time soon, I’ve relished learning everything I can about the discipline.

My two client representatives and I, we’re sitting at the counter of this diner, and there’s a cooler full of beer directly across from us. As I gazed upon the many cans and bottles, my eyes settled on a couple of cans that sported a colour scheme that I found remarkably appealing.

I should have asked the waitress to bring one of them out for a clearer photo, but instead, I just snapped a couple of pictures from across the bar and through the glass. Later on that evening, I was in Gimp sampling the photo and tweaking the results to produce the official colours of Webinology.

A few weeks later, I Google’d around for more information about the beer that inspired our colour scheme. I’ve yet to have one, but I found that ordering online is an option so it’s just a matter of time.

Here’s hoping the Cahaba Brewing Company takes it as a compliment that they’re the official beer of Webinology!

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