Managed Hosting + Managed WordPress

All of our plans are designed to take the best care of your WordPress website. Some companies hold out their best features for higher-paying customers, but we try not to do that. Instead, we look at the scale required and charge more based on the required resources.

Why do we want you to host with us?

We don’t require it; if you want to host with an approved vendor (such as Flywheel) we can work with you.

However, we will never take responsibility for a website hosted with some mass-market, budget-hosting vendor and we could never in good conscious let our clients throw away their websites with junk hosting. We care about our reputation, our products, and our clients too much to treat them like a commodity.

There are a lot of good web hosting vendors.

And a lot of them specialize in WordPress. If they’re a big company, they’ve tuned their configs for the most common use cases.

We’re different because we built a business model around making WordPress work for every client, no matter how different their needs might be.

All plans include:

  • Site Migration
  • WP Core + Plugin Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Redis Object Caching
  • Nginx Page Caching
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Malware Scanning
  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress Training
  • Access to our Support Site
  • Security Audits

What does it take to get this sort of performance?

And we’re not talking about a baseline WordPress installation, but a real, working site that uses a page builder plugin with a dozen addons and integrations.

It’s easy for us to show you performance numbers, but there are so many things that we do with the same level of passion and perfectionism. Designs that result in conversions, integrations with your existing tools to save you time, and the ability to make your site do things you’ve not even thought about yet.

Our hosting/maintenance plans start as low as $96 per month!

But it's not just about hosting and maintainance.

"Webinology" works even better if we (re)build your site from the ground up.

We make websites that work for your business. We know that people need to find your site and that it needs to respond well — on all devices. And, once they get there, the site should be clear and functional enough to turn them into customers.

The Performance Triangle

It’s not just a semi-clever drawing, it’s an ongoing performance-improvement loop. It’s a really good place for websites to be.

You'll never know how many customers you've lost due to a subpar website.

Don't lose any more.

Making sites "just work" - on every level - is our focus... and our passion. Reach out to us and let's discuss how we can help your business.