Webinology began with a small band of technology professionals who worked together for years as employees of another organization. As we honed specific skills around websites and browser-based applications in general – and WordPress, specifically – we knew that we wanted to keep our team together and focus on just those things.

Along the way, we’ve made new friends, but the original idea is the same: we want a diverse team of passionate techno-creatives who can operate in a safe environment of mutual respect and trust. Through defined processes and standards, we are able to deliver consistency while still making room for the sort of creative expression needed to make every product special. And because we take a holistic approach, we’re prepared to address every aspect of your project, from inception to development to deployment.

Kenn Kitchen

Founder & Nerd-in-Chief

Kenn has 30+ years in enterprise IT, where his roles ranged from operations to systems administration to being a team leader and an executive manager. While he still sometimes writes code, his real forte is in the architecture of complex systems. He’s an expert with LAMP/LEMP, Docker, Linux, and deploying with AWS and Digital Ocean. Webinology is the realization of his life-long dream.

Donald Tiller


Like most of us, Donald comes from a development background. Much of the work he has done in his career has been with Finance and HR, and through this he has learned both sides of business operations. His background makes him an indispensable resource for Webinology operations. We wouldn’t be here without his hard work.

Diedra Smith

Development & Business Analysis

Diedra has done a lot during her 35+ years as an IT analyst/developer, including: Leading 15+ business applications; programming languages from COBOL to ReactJS; technologies from IBM CICS to WordPress; operating systems from IBM mainframe to Linux; databases from Oracle Rdb to MongoDB. And she’s still going strong!

Mandi Bowman

Scrum Master, Designer, Developer

Mandi has strong technical skills covering a wide variety of technologies. Her skill with people balances this out, and makes her exceptionally good at understanding the needs of the customer and finding the best ways to bring them to technological fruition.

Stephanie McGrath

Training Initiatives & Content Specialist

Stephanie comes from a background of remote management in the publishing and academic fields where she worked as a managing editor and writer. She holds a BA and an MA in American History plus a Minor in Fine Arts Studies.

Gigi Powers

Marketing & Design Specialist

Originally from South Brunswick, New Jersey, Gigi moved to Chattanooga in 2016 to attend The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She graduates in December 2020 with a BA in Marketing. She’s most passionate about Digital Marketing and design. “If I could describe Marketing in one word,” Gigi says, “it would be ‘moving’. Marketing is always progressing, and businesses need their marketing to keep moving forward and stay on trend.”

Next up?

Maybe it’s you!

Think you have what it takes to be a member of the Webinology™ crew? We’re not hiring at the moment, but feel free to reach out to us.

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