Premium WordPress Hosting

WordPress is no longer just a tool for bloggers; it now powers 40% of all websites on the entire Internet. WooCommerce, the eCommerce plugin made by the WordPress team, is responsible for about 30% of all eCommerce.

From … to … to …, WordPress is the choice of some of the world’s most powerful and prominent websites.

And we can promise you, none of the above use cheap web hosts.

Our team has combined decades of experience with everything WordPress, from hosting to development to deployment and maintenance.

The 1K HP Plan

The 1k horsepower mark makes a car extremely exceptional and very expensive. In a world of cheap hosting plans that don’t even compare to what we offer, we thought we’d give our base plan a name that sets the right tone.

Amazon CloudFront gives you the ultimate CDN (Content Delivery Network) meaning that images and other similar resources come down at blazing speed.

You get a dedicated server, configured by our professional engineers, that does nothing but serve up your website. We configure everything you need for optimal WordPress performance and we constantly review performance and make necessary adjustments.

An Amazon Aurora RDS instance provides the MySQL database for your site, and …

Plans starting at $320 per month

The 1K HP Bulletproof Plan

A website that makes money loses money if it’s down.

We can create configs that are not only insanely fast but also have built-in redundancy and never go down, not even for routine maintenance.

You get everything with the 1K HP plan plus a resilient, redundant AWS cloud configuration plus our zero-downtime maintenance.

Plans starting at $780 per month