Legacy Keepers

In February of 1916, Thomas Cosby Cunningham married Myra Agatha Sanders. He had two siblings and seven half-siblings; she had six siblings. Together, they had eight children.

Starting in the 1970s, their grandchildren and great-nieces and -nephews began collecting family stories and researching their family history. By 2020, they had compiled an enormous amount of data tracing back as far as the Revolutionary War.

Webinology was privileged to design a website that the family can use to preserve and present this information. The goal was to make the site easy to maintain and grow while giving structure to the multitude of genealogical articles.

For its technology, the site uses several overlapping Custom Post Types within WordPress to allow the family to enter biographies, military records and more, while keeping them all sorted by their relationship to the family tree. A custom plugin supports the CPT relationships with advanced SQL queries.

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