A website is much more than just a pretty face.

Every website should have a purpose.

The site’s purpose is something that you want your site to do for your business. Some examples are:

  • Attract new customers;
  • Sell things;
  • Provide information and resources for existing customers.

Most websites have more than one purpose.

As designers, part of our job is to help you decide what the goals are for your site, prioritize them, and then plan a site that can get you the desired results.

Best-practices design... for the good of your clients and for your business.

Designing websites properly means making the experience of using your website as simple and intuitive as possible. If your site frustrates its visitors due to poor design, chances are they won’t stay around long enough to be turned into customers.

We also have to think about certain legalities, like how your site handles privacy and accessibility.

The Webinology™ goal is to help you find your site’s purpose and then design your site with accomplishing its mission in mind.

There are many ways to create a website.

Static Websites

A website requires “code” (the software that tells web browsers how to display your site) and content (the words and images that we use to tell your business’ story).

A “static” website is one that is primarily made up of just these two components.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

In order for your website to be powerful enough to do anything you need it to – but still simple enough for you to make small changes yourself if you wish – we often use a piece of software called a Content Management System (CMS).

We choose WordPress.

WordPress is the software behind one out of every three websites in the world.

The level of flexibility and control that you get from WordPress is because, by itself, it’s a really big piece of software.

A static website is much faster. But at Webinology™, we have ways of making WordPress seem like a static site to your visitors, while still allowing you to have all of the features of the world’s number one CMS.

(We can also do “headless” if your needs require it.)

So we’ve made you an awesome website that rocks your goals using the world's #1 CMS.

Web Hosting

In order for the rest of the world to visit your website, your site has to live somewhere. Traditionally this is called a “web host.”

Hosting a website requires a lot of other pieces of software besides just WordPress: you need, at the very least, webserver software and database software.

In order to make your site respond quickly, you need other pieces of software for caching. Of course, you also need it to be secure, and that means all of these pieces need to be set up properly.

Managed Hosting

It’s crazy to make an awesome website and then skimp on the hosting. That’s like buying a Ferrari and never getting the oil changed or the tires rotated.

(We cost a lot less than the average Ferrari, BTW.)

Webinology™ is a Flywheel Gold Partner; we’ve worked with them since our company began in 2018. We handle everything about getting you set up (even the billing goes through us) and we make the calls on those rare occasions when support is needed.

WordPress is made up of around a half-million lines of software code.

WordPress uses plugins to allow new features and functionality to be added, and with each plugin comes thousands of more lines of code.

On a given WordPress website, there will be updates to two or three plugins almost every day. These plugins – and WordPress itself – need to stay updated not only for security reasons but also in order for your site to take advantage of improvements and new features.

While it’s rare, updating a website can cause things to malfunction or stop working altogether. At Webinology, we’ll keep your site up to date for you and fix any issue that might be created in the process.

We take backups – copies of your website – multiple times a day and store them in a different location from where your website is hosted. If something breaks, we can usually have it fixed in minutes.

Webinology™ Sites are always Monitored. Fast. Secure. Up-to-Date. Growing.

WordPress is a bit like the game of Chess.

It’s easy to learn, but very time-consuming to master. Chances are you’ll have questions or need help.

The Webinology™ team has put in the time to become WordPress experts, and we’re here to provide answers and assistance.

We also monitor your site 24/7.

We’re constantly monitoring to make sure that your website is up, that it’s responding quickly, and that everything is displaying as it should.

If anything goes wrong, we’re alerted instantly and in many cases, the problem will be resolved before you even knew it existed.

Coming full-circle.

Google Analytics

Through the use of Google Analytics, we’re able to get an in-depth picture of how visitors are interacting with your website.

We can see what’s working and do more of that… and we can see what isn’t and change it.

HubSpot Solutions Provider

People visit your site and maybe they’re interested enough to make contact. What happens next?

Webinology™ is a HubSpot Solutions Provider, and we can make sure that your website visitors get into HubSpot so your sales team can take the next steps.

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