Webinology Honors Black History Month and Five Pioneers in Technological History

Join us at Webinology in honoring five pioneers of technological African American history:

  • Emmitt McHenry
  • Dr. Shirley Jackson
  • Lisa Gelobter
  • Roy L. Clay
  • Lonnie G. Johnson

African American Pioneers of Technology

Webinology is honoring technological pioneers, Black History Month is an opportunity to open dialogue with the world and acknowledge those leaders of technology who helped shape the American society we live in today.

Emmitt McHenry, Co-founded Network Solutions International Inc., was one of the leading domain services providers. Having moved swiftly through management at large corporations and agencies such as, IBM, Union Mutual, and NASA. He also founded NetCom Solutions International, a telecommunications and engineering company. NetCom Solutions has won numerous awards from IBM and NASA catapulting Emmitt into one of the countries leading Pioneers of Technology.

Dr. Shirley Jackson, as the first African American woman to obtain her doctorate in nuclear physics at MIT, breaking ground and making way for women and African Americans everywhere. Dr. Jackson has a long list of credits to her name, her experiments have paved the way for groundbreaking changes in ever evolving technological landscape. She is responsible for technology we use daily when using our phones.

Lisa Gelobter, how many times have you enjoyed a good GIF? Well, Lisa Gelobter is credited with creating the GIF. Lisa is the creator of Shockwave and helping to bring animation to the internet through companies such as Brightcove, Joost, and The Feed Room. Lisa is also behind the senior management team that brought Hulu into existence.

Roy L. Clay, aka “The Godfather of Black Silicon Valley,” worked tirelessly to break down the barriers to Black American success. He began his illustrious career at Hewlett-Packard heading up the computer division at a time when the technology was gaining more and more mainstream applications.

Lonnie G. Johnson, is on the fun and also brilliant sides of life, not only was he an engineer for the United States Air Force, but he also worked for NASA as an engineer. However, Lonnie would go onto invent a terrific tool for summer fun. The Super Soaker! Probably my grandson’s favorite creation of Mr. Johnson’s.

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