What is ADA Compliance for Your Business Website?

In today’s business world, it is increasingly important to be sure that you are ADA compliant. Sites not making an effort to become ADA compliant can find themselves open to lawsuits, fines, and other severe penalties that could lead to the closing of your business.

The Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act is in place to help millions of people with disabilities to have the same access to services, information, and technology that everyone else finds accessible. It is increasingly important to be sure that you are ADA compliant and running a business that operates with an emphasis on inclusivity for the disabled so that the disabled people have the same opportunities as non-disabled people.

Sites not making an effort to become ADA compliant can find themselves open to lawsuits, fines, and other severe penalties that could lead to the closing of your business.

But take heart; there are ways to make a significant impact that will help you create a business presence that puts effort towards compliance. Your WordPress site levels of compliance are business or industry motivated and some are surprisingly easy to implement.

Why ADA Compliance Matters

Not only is it essential to help others lead productive lives, but it allows businesses to be compliant with the law and to understand how it benefits others in today’s ever-increasingly online environments. 48.9 Million Americans in the early 90s identified as having a disability; a quarter of those are severe. Yet they are a viable market and create an ADA compliant atmosphere for your WordPress website.

Inclusivity will make your WordPress site shine. The ability to mouse over an image and have a description pop up might seem unlikely to make a difference in a disabled customer or client’s life. Still, you’d be surprised; it can be the difference between protecting yourself from possible lawsuits as well as adding valuable keyword content for SEOs.

Can you imagine a world that makes no effort to help the blind function? Neither can we. At KMDE, we strive to help make the process of ADA compliance smooth and stress-free. Small businesses can turn over their sites and feel secure, knowing that their managed and hosted WordPress website is busy enhancing the business profile.

All sectors and companies fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act umbrella of protections to improve people’s lives. ADA compliance is complicated, but it need not be a massive issue as KMDE and WordPress aim to make observation possible, no matter the level of need.

This article is going to examine some of the top reasons to make an effort to be compliant. Understanding why compliance is essential helps reduce the mysterious aspects of how to become compliant. Compliance will enhance your target audience and add to your valuable customer base. Who doesn’t want to increase their customer base, and what better way to do so than to prove to your clientele that you fully understand the monumental impact ADA compliance has on many industries and businesses.

WordPress site admins are always paying attention to their SEO stats, and compliance is a brilliant way to increase your keyword content and, in turn, website traffic. ADA compliance can help you narrow down and target that information crucial to your companies performance and ability to serve all their customer’s needs inclusively. Not just a few of them.

ADA compliance can send the message you care to your clients and customers, thereby enhancing your site’s respectability. All of these go hand in hand to produce site functionality, thus significantly increasing ADA compliance. Information is a hovering mouse away from the compliant tasks of identification. Most importantly, it keeps businesses safe from penalties and pending legal issues for noncompliance.

Websites and ADA Compliance

We all strive to maintain an efficient business with a healthy bottom line and customer base. ADA compliance on your WordPress site sends the message you are trying to meet the guidelines. Since approaches are vastly different from industry to industry, an ounce of precaution is often worth a pound of cure. The implications for benefits don’t have to take staggering amounts of work. KMDE understands the reasons behind compliance and can help take yet another worry off the small business owner’s plate. KMDE can help your WordPress site create a stable and visible compliance level.

Examples of ADA Compliance

Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash

At KMDE, we strive to incorporate ways of making your site compliant and demonstrate a level of inclusivity that best suits your company’s profile. Ensuring that your site is accessible for screen reading is one way to help others gain their content from your site. Documentation is another excellent way to provide materials in various formats that will help cover a broader population segment. Being aware of color and how it is perceived can help aid all types of people with varying eyesight and neurological issues. Also, providing user controls and an evident ability to use keyboard functions is another way of making your site far more accessible. They seem like small issues, but at KMDE, we provide attention to the details. Let us help you embrace inclusivity.

There are times when this type of thing can feel daunting, but our expert staff can take on varying levels of compliance to help your business, large or small, to rest assured that their site embraces inclusivity in place. Simple yet powerful use of the types of ADA compliant documentation available can be as simple as providing a PDF with more information. Or mouseover information to better explain graphics and practices. Screen readers can be something many will overlook, yet making your site readable for the visually impaired can bring you a whole new customer base. Screen reader accessibility goes a long way to making a site compliant, but that is just the start. There is a wealth of knowledge that comes with having KMDE on your team.

Check out the many ways that KMDE can enhance your web presence and help your rest in the knowledge that you are working towards an inclusive marketplace.

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