We do all the WordPress things.

When we were starting Webinology, we talked to people who looked like our potential clients and learned about their pain points. We built Webinology to solve them.

Don’t know when design stops and development begins?

How about the differences between regular hosting, managed hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and managed WordPress services?

It’s okay if you don’t know… and even if you don’t care. There are a lot of pieces between “hey, I think I need a website” and being live on the web with something fast, mobile-ready, and easy to find.

We take care of all of them.

But my sister’s cousin’s brother-in-law has made a couple of WordPress websites…

Good for him! But you’re running a business. Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with someone who knows business as well as WordPress?

We went out of our way to assemble a cross-disciplined team to cover all of the WordPress bases. Many designers aren’t technical; most techies aren’t marketers. SEO, for example, requires a completely different skillset from, say, web server administration, or cloud computing, or writing custom WordPress plugins.

Don’t think of us so much as a web vendor; think of us more like the Avengers. You know, with pocket protectors.

Made with real code.

Every plugin that makes it easier to develop without code adds, ironically, tens of thousands of lines of code.

The leanest, fastest websites are made by programmers who write real code. Drag and drop tools are for people who don’t code, and while they serve a purpose, they add bloat and slow your site down. And slow sites mean lower rankings with Google and fewer chances for your business to get its message to potential customers.

A content management system (like WordPress) should allow you to change your content – words, pictures, and other media – but it has evolved into something that allows people to create their whole site via themes with hundreds of options and page-builders that add tons of code to the code base. The reality is, however, if having a top-tier website matters to you, then you need to get rid of everything that isn’t necessary.

You might buy a page-builder plugin, buy some addons, and it seems great… but the next thing you know, you’ve added more lines of code than the whole of WordPress itself. And your site slows to a crawl.

At Webinology, we fix this issue by using real code to make your site, while still giving WordPress – and you – room to evolve your message while we take care of the rest.

We don’t know everything.

Yes, it’s true. We don’t bother with learning how to develop in Java, for example, or how to configure hosting for things other than WordPress. We can’t tune the SEO for your CoffeeScript site or make your Drupal site run twice as fast.

But if you need any of those things for WordPress, then we may be the right team for you. We have built a team of people who, together, know how to handle all the WordPress things, and do them better than anyone we know.

For you, that means just one vendor, one group to contact, to handle everything that you might need right now and at some point in the future for your WordPress website.

Want Worry-Free WordPress?

In our experience, a lot of people do. If your business website is important to you, then why not put it in the hands of people who do this for a living — and who love what they do?

We’re not gonna go all cliché on you here and say “win-win” or anything, but…

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