What We Do

DevOps. ChatOps. WebOps. What do these three industry buzzwords have in common? “Ops.”

The Disciplined Agile framework identifies six classifications for IT operations tasks, and these are what we can do as a partner with your web development team.

1. Run Solutions

As web developers, you create things that need to “run,” i.e. respond when someone enters a URL into a browser or clicks a link directed to your site. This means that there’s an operational web server (like Nginx or Apache), interpreters for the languages used (like PHP), a database, adequate file storage, etc.

2. Manage Infrastructure

Traditionally, software ran on servers, but in the era of cloud technologies, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Nevertheless, the combination of application, database, and network resources have to be configured, secured, managed, and upgraded.

3. Manage Configurations

Everything we’ve mentioned so far requires configuration. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP, Composer, NPM. Those configurations need to be periodically updated to keep pace with changes in software versions and industry best-practices.

4. Evolve Infrastructure

There is an old expression that states that the only constant is change, and that has never seemed more tru than with technology. Cloud services and the software products used to deploy websites is constantly changing, and in order to stay competitive – and secure – many of those changes must be adopted.

5. Mitigate Disasters

Having backups is a great first step but it isn’t enough. Disaster recovery plans need to expect the unexpected, have multiple, viable contingency options, and need to be tested regularly.

6. Govern Operations

Everything should be monitored, measured, and analyzed for potential improvements in efficiency, security, and performance. There should be a continuous feedback loop between “Ops” and “Dev” to ensure that everyone is working together for the success of the client.

Too Much to Read?!

We get it! But if we’ve piqued your interest, go ahead and reach out. It doesn’t cost anything to discuss and there’s no obligation.