WordPress Total Care

For people who are as serious about websites as we are.

We go above and beyond and then ask ourselves how we can be better.

How can a small company offer better options than the big guys?

First, we can pivot on a dime, and that’s sometimes exactly what is needed in the rapidly-changing ecosphere of technology.

And second, we work smarter… not harder. We leverage open-source code and trusted partners. And we’ve created proprietary software that helps us scale our performance.

All our plans include:

Plans start as low as $96 per month.

We're pushing the WordPress managed hosting envelope.

From staying on top of the latest PHP releases to custom installation techniques to employing custom automation scripts, we’re blazing new trails in making WordPress faster and more secure.

And for sites that require more than the basics, we’re ready to carve out custom hosting solutions using cutting-edge cloud technologies.

If you're okay with your site being down a lot, then don't contact us.

If a slow website doesn't matter to you, then we're not your huckleberry.

And if your business website isn’t worth more to you than what the average person pays for cable TV, then we thank you for stopping by and we wish you well.

Your business isn't "average".

Your web team shouldn't be either.

Don't settle.